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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is IV Hydration?

IV Hydration is a minimally invasive procedure of administering liquid vitamins, minerals, and medications directly into the bloodstream through a vein. IV hydration is effective because the procedure bypasses the gastrointestinal tract; this makes the delivering vitamins and nutrients to all major organs with the closest to a 100% absorption rate possible.

The effects can be felt immediately and can be felt from one to a few weeks after infusion (everyone is different).

This intravenous therapy is administered by a registered nurse. 

Does Getting an IV Hurt?

Pain threshold varies from person to person. We do our best to make each experience as comfortable as possible. A topical numbing agent may also be applied before the treatment for your added comfort.

How Long Does It Take?

This depends on your vein size, time it takes to mix your infusion and start your IV. Most infusions take about 45 minutes after IV insertion. Most appointments take about one hour from start to finish.

How Quickly Will I Feel the Effects?

Because we’re bypassing your GI tract, the effects of medications and fluids given are typically felt within the hour of treatment. Supplements given (vitamins, amino acids, etc) are designed for long-term benefits (cold and flu defense, athletic preparation/muscle recovery, etc.) which are felt from the cellular nutrition they provide, not necessarily an immediate “boost”. Cells need a full cycle to feel the full benefits which is on average 24 hours,

Who Can Benefit From IV Hydration?

Everyone. We want you to feel as good as we do. Most do not drink enough water in a day and have poor nutrition. Although this does not replace proper hydration and nutrition it can give you a jump start on a nutrition change, aid joint pain, help with nausea, migraines and more. We think getting an IV treatment is a smart choice to aid combating altitude sickness, hangovers, minor colds, and flu. It is also great for athletic preparation and recovery. 

Which IV is right for me?

Everyone is different—it is a fact that we embrace! Give us a call anytime at (307) 371-9468 for our Rock Springs, WY location and (620) 453-9332 for our Liberal, KS location to have a staff member help, guide, customize, and advise on any IV drip types or ingredients that you have questions about.

Will I See A Doctor?

While our medical director is a blast to hang out with, he is not always available in the retail space due to his obligations as an anesthesiologist. You may consult with him over the phone, however. Just give us a day with which to coordinate in his schedule.

Should I Consult My Doctor First?

Our treatments are elective, so it’s not a requirement to have a doctor’s note prior to treatment. That being said, you are welcome to consult with your primary care physician or with our medical director, who is an anesthesiologist, if you have any questions.

Is IV Therapy Legal for Athletes?

While many of our clients are athletes, if you are sponsored or have concerns, we advise that you check with your coach, sponsor, or governing body before treatment. We do not give any IV opiates. 

Can Anyone Get an IV infusion?

While the majority of our patients are eligible, IVita reserves the right to withhold treatment if we feel it would create complications or concerns. A nurse will review your history and bring up any concerns to our doctor.

How Much Do Your Treatments Cost?

IV Infusions

Plain IV fluids are $89.

The base price for a vitamin infusion is $129.
Add-on boosters are $15 each.

Bring a friend and save. 

Two infusions  $229

Three or more $100 each

IM Injections

We offer five IM injections:



B Complex

Vitamin D

All are $25 except B12/MIC is $30

Do You Accept Insurance?

We do not bill insurance.

We accept HSA and FSA accounts.

Do you offer any memberships?

We are working on fair prices for memberships. Check back later for membership programs. However, we do have a loyalty program available right now.

What is your loyalty program?

Both of our infusions and injections are buy 5 get 1 free.